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#WeekendWatch: Control Page Breaks in Tables

#WeekendWatch: Control Page Breaks in Tables published on 12 Comments on #WeekendWatch: Control Page Breaks in Tables

As you are working on your table for the Analysis project, you may find yourself in the situation where a row of information breaks onto two pages. Our #WeekendWatch takes care of that problem. All you need to do is change a checkbox in Word to keep rows of information together.

This Auburn University Writing Center video demonstrates how to change that setting in Microsoft Word for Mac. The process for Windows is similar, so it’s still worth watching the video if you’re a Windows person.

If you use Windows, use the instructions from Microsoft to make the change.



Note: This video has closed captioning, so it does not need a transcript.



By watching this video by Auburn University Writing Center, I learned how to make sure a row does not get split between two pages. I never knew that this could be done so watching this video was super helpful to me. I noticed in some of the tables of people that I reviewed, some of their rows were split between two pages. This video showing how to create a style to avoid a table splitting between two pages will be quite helpful to those people.

I wish I could have referenced this when editing my peer members tables. I also wish I had this feature when I was writing my own project! I made sure to avoid wrapping onto another page but I may have compromised some of the content in doing so. I will use this and revise my project.

I think this video does a good job of showing how to make a paper aesthetically pleasing because when a text box is broken up, the entire page isn’t really cohesive. It makes reading the page easier, and I know that I’ll be using it in the future because it ‘s an easy fix to a problem that could make your paper look weird.

Yeah, I saw some of my group members including me have this kind of problems. This is a good way to fix this problem, and make the table clear and easy to read. This is definitely useful for the future use especially for make a table. If the table seemed not that organized, it would be extremely hard to read on.

I find this video very helpful. It really bothered me when my table broke in between the pages. What I did was just put spaces in the rows so that the broken one will just start from a page. I am glad I can fix it now. Thank you.

Last week, there was a video posted as a Daily Discussion Post about table formatting. If you watched the entire module, they included a video on how to avoid this, so I already incorporated it into my own table. However, it would have been useful to pass on to my group members as I was reviewing their drafts. I should have sent them the link or at least gave them some insight on how to accomplish it and not just suggest to do it.

This video was very helpful because I had never used the table properties setting in Word before. It made the information in the table clearer. I had been trying to shift the cells to the next page, but I had not figured out how to do it until this video was posted.

I found this video quite helpful during the production of my Writing Analysis table. I had a large amount of information to fit onto one page and using these tools enabled me to keep all the information on one page and avoid separating information. This also allowed me to maintain the format I desired with the text size I chose.

This video was very helpful when editing my final table. I used what I learned and applied it to my project so that the format and style of it was aesthetically pleasing. Simple tools like this save a lot of frustration because Word has many annoying qualities when formatting.

After watching this video, I wished I watched it a little earlier so that I could apply that technique to my Analysis assignment. I tried to reduce the length of sentences in the description column of my project to avoid the the row of the table breaks into two pages. Reducing the sentences did not affect a lot to my project, but I could’ve added a little more description to it to make it clear. Anyway, this skills is good to know.

I found this video to be very useful. One of my biggest pet peeves is when cells in tables span two seperate pages. I managed to make sure that my analysis of writing project didn’t have cells that spanned multiple pages, but I believe I did it by manually adding in page breaks, rather than the method shown in the video which conveniently does it automatically.

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