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Course Grades Posted

Course Grades Posted published on

I have finished grading the finals and submitted course grades in HokieSpa. You can see your course grade in Canvas by checking the grade for your final exam.

Thanks for your hard work this semester. Good luck with your future studies and careers.

Unsubscribing from the Course Website and Twitter Updates

If you subscribed to the course website at the beginning of the term, you probably want to unsubscribe now. Look for an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email message that you get from the course website.

If you were following the course Twitter account (@HokieTengrrl), just go the the page in Twitter and click the Unfollow button.

I have archived the Facebook group, so you should receive no more updates from it. If you prefer, you can also Leave the Group.


#WednesdayWrite: Advice to Future Students

#WednesdayWrite: Advice to Future Students published on 8 Comments on #WednesdayWrite: Advice to Future Students

A manila file folder, paper clipped closedIf you are lucky, when you begin a new job, you will find a continuity folder on the desk or on the computer to help you complete your work. The exact name of this folder will depend on your workplace. It can be called a continuity folder, binder, portfolio, or book; standard (or standing) operating procedures; or a transition book.

Inside this folder, you will find documents and information that will help you complete your work. The contents can include:

  • mission statements and goals
  • position responsibilities
  • system and social media login information
  • advice and tips
  • schedules, timelines, and calendars
  • instructions, protocols, and procedures
  • templates and examples
  • checklists
  • budget and funding information
  • inspection reports
  • organization charts and info on personnel

You will use this folder to guide your daily work, and one of your on-going tasks will be to keep the contents of the folder up to date. In the event that you are not available, the person filling in for you will use the folder to determine what to do and how to do it. When you move to another position, the next person in the position will use the information that you leave in the folder.

The Writing Activity

If you were contributing to a Continuity Folder for students taking this course in the future, what would you include and why? You can share the advice you would include in the folder, or you can describe whatever you would add to the folder. You are not limited to a single thing. If you want to mention more than one item or piece of advice, that’s fine.


Image credit: folder by Christian Guthier on Flickr, used under a CC-BY 2.0 license


#TuesdayTutorial: Dealing with Deadline Stress

#TuesdayTutorial: Dealing with Deadline Stress published on 11 Comments on #TuesdayTutorial: Dealing with Deadline Stress Login Help videos are free to Virginia Tech students with your VT.EDU login. Start at the VT.EDU login page to access these resources.

You will find times in the workplace (and certainly here at college) when you have to do a lot of writing in very little time. Today’s #TuesdayTutorial provides advice on how to structure your time and get a piece of writing done under a deadline.

The video Writing Under a Deadline (33m 38s) includes tips that will help you begin, write, and finish a project on time. You will hear advice on establishing a timeline, organizing your ideas, staying focused, and polishing your work before you submit it. Even if your time is tight now at the end of the semester, it’s worth investing some time in this video:

Note: This video has closed captioning, so it does not need a transcript.


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