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Infographic: Steps in the Research Process

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Infographic: Steps in the Research Process

Steps in Research Process

Transcript by Jeremy Lineberry

This infographic shows the order of the steps in the research process. Research should go in the following order:

Define the Problem
Select a topic for research.
Review the Literature
Familiarize yourself with existing research on the topic.
Select a Research Design
Choose one or more research methods observation, equipment, or surveys.
Formulate a Hypothesis
What do you intend to test? What is the relationship among the variables?
Carry Out the Research
Collect your data and record information.
Interpret Your Results
Workout the implications of the data you collect.
Report the Research Findings
What is their significance? How do they relate to previous findings?
Your findings are registered and discussed in the wider academic community, leading perhaps to the initiation of further research.


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Something that I found different in my own research process compared to the process presented in the infographic was the early analysis of existing research (the “review the literature” step). I have found that I typically don’t explicitly do this step when I am researching a topic. Instead, I may read some of the existing research when I am actually carrying out the research.

I do like the idea of having a “Repeat” step in the research process. It makes sense that as you are researching and gaining more knowledge about your topic, you will learn of new related topics that should be researched as well.

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