How to Beat Deadline Stress

Transcript by Marko Zoto

(1) Break it down
Break your project down to its smallest steps. Do the hardest tasks during your best hours, or start with a medium challenge that’ll warm you up for the big one, but leave the easiest for the end
(2) Stop clock-checking
Watching the clock jacks up panic. Take it off. Hide the clock on your computer or put a post-it note it on the monitor. Put away the smart phone – it’s a distraction anyway.
(3) Tidy your desk
Put away all distraction and place materials you might need by your side. It’ll be easier to find whatever you need and focus on the task at hand.
(4) Take a break
If you feel stuck with the big challenge, take a break. Or, continue being productive by taking a break and doing some of the easy tasks.
(5) Sleep more
Take a power nap and wake up energized to beat that deadline. Don’t make all-nighters a habit. Lack of sleep will eventually wear you down.